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European Music Contest

EuroVoice European Music Contest
EuroVoice is a brand-new European music contest, where everyone is invited to participate. No politics. Fans and viewers are referees.

EuroVoice Info

The EuroVoice European Music Contest® (hereafter - the "Contest") is a new annual, international, interactive, televised, music project, which consists of three stages:

- Internet Pre-selection - during which Contestants upload their songs and provide information about themselves on the Contest Portal;

- Super Final - which will take place in one of the best concert venues in Europe and where the Contest Winner will be decided.
The main Contest principles are:

- easy participation;

- transparency;

- political impartiality.

The history of the Contest.

In 1994 a group of young musicians and producers, headed up by British musician and composer Chris Richardson, set up a contest which was based on the principles of easy participation, an open and transparent voting process, and accessible results, which cannot be falsified.

This new initiative was met with harsh opposition from representatives of "commercial culture" and the partisan Media. Following the tragic death of the initiative's leader, Chris Richardson, the idea was left abandoned for quite some time.

In 2008 a company called Q Production was set up to carry on the initiative. The project was discussed and developed by an international team of lawyers and experts on mass cultural events with today's most modern and up-to-date technical and creative processes in mind. The Contest Rules and Regulations, the main Contest documentation, were put together to ensure that the Contest results could not be manipulated, politically or otherwise, in any way whatsoever.
The international project team then started preparations for the very first Contest. The Contest was launched at a press-conference in Paris on September 29, 2009 http://vimeo.com/7217554.  The Contest Final will take place in spring 2010 in one of Europe's capital cites.

Why the Contest is unique?

The Contest is unique in the transparency provided by the highly technological Contest Portal http://www.eurovoice.tv, which contains information about the Contest, voting results, the Contest songs and information about the Contestants.

The Contest uniqueness is also in absence of a panel of judges, and the Winner can only be decided by the way of voting proceeding conducted by SMS and phone calls of spectators at all stages of the Contest.

Who is Eric Serra?

Eric Serra, the producer and composer who scored the soundtracks to many Luc Besson films such as Leon, Nikita, Joan of Arc and The Fifth Element among others, is the President of the Contest, Chairman of the Council of Experts and the inspiration behind the Contest's ideology.

What does the Contest Council of Experts do?

The Council of Experts, chaired by Eric Serra, was set up in order to uphold the professional and moral values of the Contest. The members of the Council of Experts include European musicians and public figures, whose names are synonymous with professionalism and innovation in the music industry.

What does the Contest Territory include in 2010?

The Contest Territory includes those countries located within the geographical boundaries of the European continent, as well as Turkey and Israel.

What is the Contest Portal?

The Contest Portal is a website where Contestants' entry songs can be uploaded, where Contestants and Portal's visitors can interact, and where the results of the voting will be displayed.

What makes the Contest Portal unique?

The Contest Portal is unique because it uses an internet-technology, which ensures that the voting results are transparent, which means that they cannot be manipulated or falsified in any way. Absolutely anyone can go onto the Contest Portal, register and upload an entry song for people to vote for in the Contest. Absolutely anyone can go onto the Contest Portal and listen to the Contestants' entry songs and vote for them. And absolutely anyone can go onto the Contest Portal to check the online voting results in real-time or go to the Contest forum and contribute to the latest discussion topics. The Contest Portal also has links to popular social networking sites.

Who can take part in the Contest?

The Contestants can be any citizen of a country located within the Contest Territory who has reached the age of majority and who accepts the Contest Rules and Regulations.

Who can vote in the Contest?

Anyone who wants to can take part in the voting. The results of the Contest are based solely on the number of votes cast.
How can you take part in the Contest?

Contestants can register and upload their entry song to the dedicated page for their home-country on the Contest Portal. Payment for registering and uploading an entry song during the Internet Pre-selection stage is done via SMS. Once the Contestant has sent an SMS, he/she receives a code, which then allows him/her to register on the Contest Portal and to upload a song. The cost of registering and uploading an entry song depends on the home-country where the Contestant is based.

How can you vote in the Contest?

During each stage of the Contest votes are cast via SMS and by phone. One SMS or one phone call is equal to one point. The number of SMSs or phone calls per phone number is not limited. It is possible to vote "for" and "against" a particular Contestant. The final score is the difference between the votes "for" and "against".

During the National Finals and Super Final votes are cast during the television broadcast of the Contest for a period of sixty minutes following a special announcement.

Votes cast via SMS and by phone from the home-country of the Super Final óontestant are not counted.

Who is classed as the Contest Winner?

The Contest Winner is the Contestant who gets the highest score during the voting process for the Super Final. The Winner of the Contest will sign a Contract for the recording, release, and distribution of the winning Contestant's album.
What the Contest advertising materials are available?

Advertising materials for the Contest:

    * Branding and Style Guide, including details on the Contest trademark, logo, formats, sizes, colours, and acceptable and unacceptable application and use. It also includes some guidelines on consistent use of the Contest corporate identity for business correspondence, marketing materials, outdoor and indoor advertising, promotional items, uniforms, interior design and corporate transport.
    * Audio and video advertisements, to be adapted to the local requirements of a particular country.
    * Print layouts for advertising collateral, to be adapted to the local requirements of a particular country.

Who makes up the Contest Team?

Acting in accordance with the General Agreements, Q Production will put together a team of National Partners, which will represent the interests of the Contest in Europe, Turkey and Israel.

Who is a National Partner?

A National Partner is a legal entity or private individual who accepts the Contest Rules and Regulations and who acts in accordance with the General Agreement.

What are the necessary criteria to become a National Partner?

A Contest National Partner must be willing to participate in the project, possess the necessary resources to represent the Contest in their home-country and the capability to promote the Contest through advertising, marketing and PR campaigns on TV and radio.

What responsibilities does a National Partner have?

   1. To promote the Contest by organising and carrying out advertising, marketing and PR campaigns;
   2. To organise, host and broadcast the National Final of the Contest;
   3. To make arrangements for the winning Contestant of the National Final to take part in the Super Final of the Contest;
   4. To sign agreements with the Contestants on their participation in the National Final and production agreements on behalf the Company;
   5. To oversee the work of the Contest Officers.

What are the benefits of being a National Partner?

A National Partner, as the exclusive organiser of the Contest in its home-country, is entitled to various different moral benefits, including the right to associate with this prestigious status of being a National Partner in order to promote its own brand.

Financial benefits of becoming a National Partner includes getting revenue from local sponsors, ticket sales, and also a share of the profits made from votes cast within their home-country via SMS and by phone during the Contest.

What exclusive benefits does a National Partner have?

A National Partner gets the right to first refusal of the licence rights to broadcast the Super Final of the Contest.
Calendar of the Contest events:

November 2009 - opening of the Contest's community;

February 2010 - paid-uploading and paid-voting starts as part of the Internet Pre-selection stage;

March 2010 - end of the Internet Pre-selection stage, the results from the voting and the list of the Contestants who will take part in the National Finals are published;

March - April 2010 - National Finals;

April 2010 - list of the Contestants who will take part in the Super Final is published;

April 2010 - Super Final + show broadcast.

What can we expect from EuroVoice in 2011?

By 2011 this musical revolution will have conquered all of Europe. The Contest will have changed everybody's perception of international music forums and will have proved that political impartiality, transparency and easy participation are important principles for million people trust,. The Contest will have brought together thousands of musicians and millions of music-lovers to create a European musical community, which will rival all others.